FRUGAL RYAN REYNOLDS put his shop-happy wife BLAKE LIVELY on a strict budget by cutting the limit on one of their credit cards – and she’s not happy about it!

“Blake loves to spend money and Ryan likes to save it – and it’s become a real problem,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.

Blake was mortified recently  after she went on a shopping spree at an exclusive boutique near her and Ryan’s home in Bedford, N.Y., and her credit card was declined. “Her credit line was maxed out, and she immediately called Ryan from the store,” said the source. “When she found out he was behind it, she was not happy. And she didn’t put anything back. Instead, she just paid for it all with another credit card that hadn’t reached its limit.”

Former “Gossip Girl” star Blake, 26, recently announced she was launching a company that would focus on her “fabulous lifestyle.”

While Blake’s reps insist the idea that she has spending problems is “laughable” and “untrue,” her 37-year-old hubby is known to be tight with a buck.

“Ryan had a similar problem with (his ex-wife) Scarlett Johansson, but she was an amateur shopper compared to Blake,” noted the source. “He comes from a hard-working, middle-class family and doesn’t think blowing money just because you have it is particularly smart.

“It’s an uphill batle but he’s trying to educate Blake about saving money, not throwing it away on trendy, overpriced designer dresses, shoes and purses.

“Blake said she’s trying her best, but she admitted that one word she hates hearing more than ‘no’ is the word ‘budget.’”