Women declare war on Rush Limbaugh for calling a young law student a “slut” and  a prostitute,” and now his own wife Kathryn is jumping on the bash-Rush bandwagon!

She’s furious at the 61-year-old con­servative firebrand and threatened to walk out of their marriage if he keeps up his trash talk, say insiders.

The bombastic broadcaster lost at least 50 sponsors after he opened fire on Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke for telling a congressional com­mittee that health insurance should cover birth control.

During his bizarre on-air ti­rade, Limbaugh even suggested that Fluke make sex tapes that could be watched online.

Rush’s big mouth has caused a rift in his fourth mar­riage, and sources say he’s now running for cover from 35-year-old Kathryn, a Florida event plan­ner.

After an outpouring of out­rage from both the left and right, he issued a limp apol­ogy, saying: “I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situ­ation.”

But that didn’t stem the tide of criticism, and his beautiful wife of less than two years was swept up in the controversy, having to endure rebukes from some of her closest friends.

“Kathryn is fit to be tied,” said a pal. “She feels as if she’s be­ing tarred and feathered with the same brush that people are using on her hus­band. She really let him have it.

“She said she’s become a social pariah because of his hot-headed, heedless comments and warned him in no uncertain terms that he’d better keep his trap shut and stop using words like ‘slut’ for any woman!”

Rush is said to be much more worried about alienating his wife, who says that they rarely fight over politics even though she has her “own opinions.”

“Rush couldn’t face life without her,” the insider divulged.


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