Ruined Renée Zellweger

Ruined renee ne short

Bridget Jones may be returning to the big screen, but the adorable Renée Zellweger who made her famous won’t EVER be back, according to top cosmetic surgeons consulted by The National ENQUIRER!

New images of Renée in London shooting scenes for “Bridget Jones’ Baby” have medical experts agreeing that her recent dramatic transformation means she’ll never look the part again.

“She clearly has had extensive work done,” said Dr. Lyle Back, a New Jersey–based plastic surgeon who has not treated the 46-year-old Renée. “But the result is that she’s lost the look that America fell in love with!”

Renée shocked the world when she appeared almost unrecognizable on the red carpet in Hollywood last October.

The star dismissed the plastic surgery rumors as “silly,” but a year later, surgeons believe Renée has permanently altered her appearance — and will never recover her signature look.

“I see signs of a facelift that has made her face look much less puffy, less rectangular and less tomboyish,” added Dr. Back. “Now she’s not the girl that people identify with!”

Dr. Back said he believes that Renée also had a nose job and “has had some way overdone lip filler treatments and micro-needling facial treatments.”

While the surgeon feels the work she had done is of high quality, it could play a destructive role in her career.

“The goal of plastic surgery is to make you look better — not unrecognizable,” he said. “Bridget Jones is gone forever.”