ROSIE O’DONNELL’s new relationship is already starting to crack because she’s coming on way too strong for her new galpal, sexy businesswoman MICHELLE ROUNDS.

Insiders warn that the TV talk-show host’s intensity could torpedo the fledgling romance before it even gets off the ground.

Rosie, 49, reportedly met stunning blonde Michelle, 40, at a Manhattan Starbucks early last summer. They made their first public appearance as a couple at a benefit gala for the talk-show host’s arts education organization, Rosie’s Theater Kids, in New York City on Sept. 19.

But despite dating for just a few months, Rosie is already asking Michelle to drop everything and move to Chicago with her!

“The warp speed at which Rosie has been pursuing Michelle has left her head spinning,” revealed a source. “But Rosie just won’t let up! While the romance is still in the puppy love stage, Rosie is like a giddy teenager and her behavior is verging on obsession.”

She’s been calling and texting Mi­chelle “constantly, just to check in” – even when her girlfriend is at work!

“Michelle has a busy, stressful job as a headhunter for firms seeking information technology profession­als,” explained the source. “And to have Rosie pestering her at work isn’t sitting well with her bosses and colleagues, especially when she’s in­terrupted during important meetings.”

Now she’s asking Michelle to relocate to Chicago, where Rosie recently bought a $2.5 million home. Meantime, the star is getting ready to launch a new gabfest, “The Rosie Show,” on Oprah’s OWN network Oct. 10.

“Michelle is balking at being pushed to commit,” added the source.

“But if Michelle doesn’t move, it could be a devastating blow for Rosie. With the new show set to air, she needs the emotional support more than ever.”