ROSIE O’DONNELL is fu­rious over the October cover of “O” magazine she shares with OPRAH  – she feels she was used as a prop to make her new TV boss look skinny.

The Emmy winner “believes Oprah  re­sorted to trick photography” to alter the picture so she looks thin, but didn’t use the same manipulation for Rosie, an insider told The ENQUIRER.

The media mogul was photographed in an elegant red dress at a very slimming, yet awkward angle, while Rosie – whose new talk show is set to launch on Oprah’s OWN network – has a double chin and meaty thighs housed in black fishnet stockings and gold work boots.

“Rosie is upset because she workedhard to make herself look good and get back into shape for ‘The Rosie Show,’ ” said the insider. “And this cover just makes her look terrible – especially standing next to Oprah, who is clearly slimmed down through the miracle of computer technology.

“In reality, Oprah has at least 30 pounds on Rosie!”