Decrepit rocker Ron Wood, 61, of the Rolling Stones has ditched his wife of 23 years and disappeared with new love – an 18 year old cocktail waitress.

The May-December lovers are believed to be ensconced in Ireland.

The new blonde bimbo in Woody’s life is young Russkie Ekaterina Ivanova.  After meeting at the Russian preem of Stones doc Shine A Light Ek and Wood became booze swilling buds and then bedmates.

Reportedly, Wood a long-time drunkard had taken the oath and gotten sober but Ivanova and he have been swilling vodka like "Tumblin’ Dice."

Despite conflicting coverage in UK tabs, Ivanova’s Facebook page publicly declares she and the aging Stone are indeed rolling, gathering some major moss.

The Daily Telegraph
says that both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards – no mean slouches in the art of debauchery themselves – have called Woody several times, fearing he’s lost it.

Wood’s wife, 53 year old Jo, steadfastly claims the two are off on a painting jaunt.

Is that Pre or Post SEX-pressionism, Jo?