Ex Alaska Gov Sarah Palin‘s new memoir is nothing more than a vitriolic attack on Levi Johnston, the estranged baby mamma dada of teen Bristol’s child!

Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be published book is a "self-serving press release" – aimed largely at destroying her daughter Bristol’s ex-fiance,  says a publishing insider with knowledge of the manuscript.

The former Alaska governor, 45 – who received a whopping $7 million advance – is using Going Rogue: An American Life to strike back at Levi Johnston, the teenage father of her grandchild Tripp, charges the source.

Due to be published in mid-November, Palin’s "tell-little" book whitewashes her controversial background and family life, according to the publishing source.

"If you think you’re going to learn the down-and-dirty details of her rumored messy marriage, think again because you’re wrong.

"Sarah got a ton of dough from her advance, but the book appears to be nothing more than a self-serving press release touting what she calls her ‘happy marriage.’

"It’s also a renewed attack on Levi Johnston, 19, calling him ‘a liar’ once again for all the claims he’s made against her after breaking up with Bristol and for saying he’s going to battle for custody of baby Tripp."

In her upcoming book, angry Sarah fires back, says the publishing insider.

"She defends her marriage to Todd, saying they are happy together. She also shoots down Levi’s claims that they constantly bickered and slept in separate bedrooms. She insists they’re just as in love as they were in high school.

"Sarah unleashes a blistering attack on Levi.

"She writes that he is a ‘bald-face liar.’ She says he’s bitter at the dissolution of his relationship with her daughter, and is trying to earn a fast buck at the ex-governor’s expense."

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