Mike Walker

Roger Ailes Still In Hollywood’s Crosshairs

Movie producers talk big names to play dead FOX News boss!

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Mike Walker Reports… Hollywood’s already cookin’ up box-office last respects (and/or dis-respects?) to FOX News giant Roger Ailes!

Sources whispered there’s not just one … not two … but at least three major movie projects about the deceased news exec!

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Said My Star Studio Sneak: “It amazes me that people think we’ve heard the last wail from Ailes!

“Roger was — and still is bigger than life — after pioneering a huge news empire!

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“Sure, his last days were steeped in sordid sexual scandal, but that’s what makes movies — the good, the bad and the ugly — so Hollywood’s hot on Ailes’ tale!

“Producers are wooing Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks and John Goodman with promises of Oscar/Emmy gold!”

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