Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez‘s wife Cynthia is filing for divorce.

C-Rod’s D-Day  proceeded after both Alex was linked  to Madonna and Cynthia in Paris visiting rocker Lenny Kravitz..

Kravitz said Cynthia’s visit was a flight to safety from the media frenzy in New York and that nothing improper occurred between the two.

Cynthia has reportedly consulted with not one but three divorce attorneys -Houston attorney Earle Lilly, according to KTRK, as well as  Maurice Kutner and Anthony Sabatino of Miami and John Van Ness of Houston, according to the Miami Herald.

Kutner divulged to the Herald, "She feels that she has exhausted every opportunity to salvage the marriage, and that Alex has emotionally abandoned her and the children and has left her with no choice but to divorce him."

Allegedly, A-Rod’s late night visits to a kaballah controlling Madonna was the final straw for Cynthia.  Alex has refused to comment on his relationship with Madonna but that didn’t stop Madge from speaking out.

"I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez," Madonna emphatically stated.

Cynthia filed divorce papers anyway.