Iconic 1960s rocker PAUL REVERE has died at 76, The ENQUIRER has learned.                  

Paul Revere, organist and ringleader of the long-running rock band the Raiders, passed away October 4th at his home in Idaho, the band's official website stated. No cause of death was revealed

Known for their Revolutionary War-style attire, Paul Revere and the Raiders  first hit the charts in 1963 with a cover of “Louie, Louie."

Revere and his Raiders scored four Top Ten singles in the Sixties with "Kicks," "Hungry," "Good Thing" and "Him or Me, What's It Gonna Be." Vocals were provided by "16 Magazine" fan fave Mark Lindsay.

Their biggest hit was "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)" in 1971. The band was also regularly featured on Dick Clark’s groundbreaking “Where The Action Is” which aired daily and his "Happening" series.

Despite a hectic touring schedule Paul (yes, his real name) posted on Facebook last year that he was battling health problems.

“I jump on my tour bus and go from city to city, packing a trunk full of great Raider songs, tight pants and bad jokes – all against doctor's orders, by the way," Revere wrote.

"I've been the worst patient these guys have ever seen, and they've been on me to take a break all year."

As the ENQUIRER previously reported, pals feared Revere was suffering from brain cancer.

Sadly, no more “Kicks” for Paul, now,

Adios, amigo.