ROBIN WILLIAMS’ widow breaks his three kids hearts in battle over comedian’s fortune of ephemera.

Last December Susan Schneider Williams filed petition asking for clarification of ambiguous provisions in the late actor’s trust including his watch collection, clothing, anime, memorabilia, and awards.

In the legal docs filed by Robin’s third wife she claimed Robin’s adult children Zack, 31, Cody, 23 and Zelda, 25 to share in the content of the family estate but not in the ‘tchotkes” and ephemera he shared with her in their Tiburon abode.   

In the filing she claimed she worried their home would be strip-mined for artifcats like of Robin’s clothing and his ‘priceless’ collection of Japanese anime figurines while she was still living there.

Robin’s children countered in court saying his wife of less than three years refused them access to family photos, “precious” collections of toys, watches, bikes, coins and other effects Robin collected over a lifetime and bequeathed to bis children as memorabilia.

They also charge Susan kept them out of the house while she reportedly began a $30K home renovation.

In a response filed by their lawyers on Jan., 21, “The Williams children are heartbroken that petitioner, Mr. Williams' wife of less than three years, has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate.”