Murdering Millionaire Robert Durst Sued By His Missing Wife’s Family


Robert Durst is getting the O.J. Simpson treatment — as the cross-dressing sicko millionaire is taken to court by the suspicious family of a potential victim!

The family of Durst’s ex-wife Kathleen McCormack has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the notorious trust-fund baby!

Durst, now 72, first caught the attention of homicide detectives after Kathleen disappeared in January of 1982.

The former dental hygienist had married the real-estate heir in 1973, and was getting divorced — amidst claims of physical abuse from her husband — when she disappeared after driving to South Salem, New York, after a call from Durst.

She was never seen again.

Now her three sisters — and Kathleen’s 101-year-old mother — are pursuing a “right to sepulcher” case, with the family suing Durst over being denied their “immediate right to possession of a body for burial!”

“For the past 33 years,” claims the lawsuit, “Durst has concealed the whereabouts of Kathleen’s body from her next of kin.”

The family is suing Durst for $50 million in compensatory damages, and $50 million in punitive damages — which adds up to the estimated $100 million in net worth that Durst still holds from his own family’s real estate business.


Durst became infamous after he used his fortune to get acquitted of the murder of Morris Black in Galveston, Texas — after he admitted to using a saw, knives, and an axe to dismember Black’s body before dumping it into Galveston Bay.

The jury bought Durst’s claims of killing Morris in self-defense, but that was only one small part of the rich creep’s reign of terror!

Meanwhile, Durst is now awaiting trial on charges that he murdered his longtime friend Susan Berman — who was found dead on December 24, 2000, in her California home!

Strangely enough, Susan had originally backed up Durst’s alibi for the night of Kathleen’s disappearance.

After the death of Susan, Durst fled to Galveston and tried to avoid authorities by living as a mute woman.

He was later arrested there on October 9, 2001, after parts of Morris’ body were found floating in the nearby bay.

And as reported by Radar Online, Durst continued to keep Texas authorities concerned — with one judge charging that he had once left the decapitated head of a cat on her doorstep!

Durst made headlines earlier this year when HBO aired “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.”

The millionaire cooperated with the filmmakers in interviews — and once again caught lawmen’s interest when a microphone picked up Durst muttering to himself: “What did I do? KIlled ’em all, of course.”