Ringo Starr Sells Valuables For Millions After ‘Derelict’ Years

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Ringo Starr has cashed in big by selling old memorabilia — but The ENQUIRER remembers when he needed the money!

Wealthy fans spent the weekend shelling out millions for some old items owned by the Beatles drummer, with his memorabilia auction raking in a total of $9.2 million!

His original Ludwig drum kit — which Ringo played on the Beatles’ earliest hits — was bought for $2.1 million by millionaire collector Jim Irsay!

Ringo also set a record for the most expensive LP ever sold! His edition of the Beatles’ “White Album,” which was stamped as “No. 0000001,” went for $790,000.

That more than doubled the previous record price of a $300,000 Elvis Presley LP!

Some of the money is going to the charity that Ringo runs with his longtime wife Barbara Bach — but readers of The ENQUIRER will recall a time when the former Beatle needed to cash in on his past!


The ENQUIRER was there when a depressed Ringo almost drank away his fortune in the wake of a bitter 1975 divorce from his first wife!

“I was at one of my lows,” Ringo, then 38, confessed in a revealing interview three years later.

“I was a derelict. I was drunk a lot of the time!

“I’ve drunk all my life, but at that time, I was drinking more than ever!”

Ringo would spend the ’80s doing more partying than rocking.

He had married Barbara in 1981, and the couple ended up doing a his-and-her rehab stint for alcoholism in 1988.

Once sober, though, Ringo formed his first version of the popular All-Starr Band in 1989 — and began to rebuild his fortune.

Now he’s estimated to be the wealthiest drummer in the world, with Ringo even further away from his “derelict” days!