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Rihanna Packs On Pounds — Pop Diva Turned Junk Food Junkie

Lonely singer drowning sorrows in unhealthy habits!

rihanna pounds junk food junkie
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Junk food junkie Rihanna is packing on the pounds!

The 5-foot-8 song-bird normally weighs a svelte 123, but she’s blimped up with an extra 25 pounds, sources spilled to The ENQUIRER.

“She hasn’t been on a treadmill for months, and her late-night snacking is out of control!” a spy squealed.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of “The Park Avenue Diet,” warns: “Junk food is high in calories … and can cause cancer and heart disease.”

During a recent Mexican vacation, the 29-year-old flashed her ample curves in a truth-telling bikini.