John Edwards‘ mistress uninvited visit to  kiddie gym with lovechild in tow!

John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter and their love child "crashed" a kiddie birthday party – and The ENQUIRER has exclusive photos of 2-year-old Frances Quinn romping with her new friends.

The 46-year-old first-time mom walked into the party while checking out a kiddie gym called My Gym South Park in Charlotte, N.C., on March 21.

"Rielle had been grocery shopping next door with a teenage boy and girl, who are apparently Quinn’s baby sitters," an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.

"She wanted to check out the gym, which was closed for a private party for two 2-year-olds. One of the co-hosts recognized Rielle and invited them to stay. Quinn had a good time playing with the other children and even jumped on a trampoline."

Just the week before, Rielle made headlines with an interview in which she trashed John’s cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth.

"Rielle joked to one parent, ‘I’m the woman everyone loves to hate!’

"To another, she admitted that she was still nursing Quinn, and she told a third, ‘I’ve just moved to the area.’"