Richests Televangelists Preaching for Prophet!

Joyce Meyer televangelist
Joyce Meyer televangelist

America’s richest TV preachers are living large with millions in bloated bank accounts while they blow big bucks on private jets, Rolls-Royce limos — and even $23,000 marble toilets for their mansions! Exclusive ENQUIRER photos detail luxury lives that would make an Arab sheik blush.

Kenneth Copeland – $760 million

This onetime singer sure ain’t singing the blues about changing his profession to preacher — because leading the Pentecostal Believer’s Voice of Victory TV show and network has blessed the 85-year-old with a $17.5 million jet and a private airstrip on his 1,500-acre Fort Worth, Texas, campus! America’s wealthiest preacher and his wife, Gloria, salute their maker from the comfort of a $6 million lakefront mansion. Copeland says his church has kindly loaned him the tax-free property.

Joel Osteen -$50 Million

The boyish-looking pastor of the nation’s largest Protestant congregation has a man-sized wallet, thanks to donations from the 50,000 average-Joe members of his Houston-based Lakewood Church and the approximately 10 million viewers of his televised sermons! His flock may struggle, but the 58-year-old’s “prosperity gospel” worked for him! He lives in a $10.5 million home tucked on 1.8 acres — and has a smaller $2.9 million spread. But the posh pastor dIdn’t open the doors of his 606,000-square-foot church to the victims of Hurricane Harvey until -AFTER his cold shoulder was exposed!

Pat Robertson – $ 100 Million

Retirement hasn’t slowed the 91-year-old 700 Club televangelist! The failed lawyer turned propheteer has been known to push his Chevy Corvette to over 100 miles per hour as he speeds through his life of luxury — and he apparently believes a higher power has given him a pass on observing limits!

Secretive Robertson, who helped launch the TV career of convicted con man Rev. Jim Bakker, has an investment portfolio that’s included thoroughbred horses and diamond and gold mines.

Benny Hinn – $760 million

Big spender Hinn, 69, retains a personal chef and a fleet of Mercedes-Benzes to park outside his two multimillion-dollar homes. But the fat-cat televangelist claims he is a simple man at heart who would willingly donate his $500,000 salary to a higher power if all his needs were taken care of — and one of his needs, apparently, is his private plane, because if he flew coach he’d be too tired to spread the good word!

Creflo Dollar – $27 million

Dough-dripping Dollar, 59, preaches a “prosperity gospel” at his Christian World Changers Church International outside Atlanta. Creflo practices what he preaches, owning two Rolls-Royces, a private jet and three multimillion-dollar homes! It seems creature comforts have not entirely soothed his soul. The pastor had to attend anger management classes after he was arrested in June 2012 for allegedly attacking his teenage daughter. The battery charges were dropped a year later.

Joyce Meyer – $8 million

The 78-year-old leader of a generous suburban St. Louis, Mo., flock is sitting pretty on MORE than just a mound of moolah — she also has a $23,000 marble toilet! Although her ministry has claimed this “commode” is actually a piece of tax-exempt furniture, jolly Joyce ALSO owns a $10 million private Gulfstream IV jet to whisk her to several multimillion-dollar homes, as well as a $107,000 silver Mercedes sedan and a $53,000 Lexus SC sports car.

“There’s no need for us to apologize for being blessed,” says the humble child of God.