Tricky Dick’s Dirty Womanizing Ways


Richard Nixon was a Commander-in-CREEP — and a bizarre sexual predator who harassed female aides with cringe-worthy attempts to get into their pants!

But Nixon was a pretty lame lothario, with practical jokers once putting a blow-up doll in his bedroom — because that’s the only way he could get lucky!

According to Bob Woodward’s new book “The Last of the President’s Men,” the disgraced former President regularly chased women when wife Patricia was away.

On a Saturday night in 1972, Nixon summoned prim and proper secretary Nell Yates, then 48, to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

When she returned to the White House “three hours later,” Nixon’s deputy assistant Alexander Butterfield recalled Nell as being “openly distraught.”

The stunned secretary described the encounter as “‘the most painful, uncomfortable evening of my life,’” said Butterfield.

He recalled that she told him Nixon spent “an awful lot of time starting to make moves, and then withdrawing.”

But that wasn’t the last of it!

Tricky Dick also horrified Butterfield by summoning 42-year-old secretary Beverly Kaye to sit with him while flying in Air Force One.

Transfixed by Beverly’s miniskirt, Nixon just stared at her thighs.

“And finally, just out of the blue, he starts patting her on her bare legs,” Butterfield said. “In the manner of patting a young girl, like a 4-year-old girl!”

Beverly “stiffened up like you can’t believe,” Butterfield added, claiming Nixon kept it up for 10 minutes.

Butterfield cringed at the memory, and said: “I just thought, ‘The poor, pitiful son of a bitch.’”