The posh Westchester home where estranged wife MARY RICHARDSON KENNEDY hung herself has been placed up for sale by ROBERT KENNEDY Jr.

The listing for the $3.9 million, eco-friendly Bedford ballyhoos 14 rooms, sauna and swimming pool — but makes no mention of the tragedy that rocked the Kennedys, The NY Daily News reported.

As THE ENQUIRER reported previously, last May, while locked in a bitter divorce and custody fight with Bobby Kennedy Jr., Mary Richardson Kennedy committed suicide in a barn located on the 10-acre spread

Both of their names were on the deed, so ownership reverted to him upon her death.

 “She loved the house. She worked very hard to make the house what it was, and she wanted very much to always stay there,” her lawyer, Peter Bienstock told the tab.

During the long divorce battle while Kennedy was seen publicly squiring actress Cheryl Hines, lawyers raised the possibility with the troubled Mary that the house might have to be sold as part of a deal.

“And she wasn’t happy about that,” Bienstock said.

Mary, who had repeatedly complained to pals that Bobby Jr. had put the squeeze on her financially, left no will.

Mary’s 18-year-old son, Conor Kennedy, was named executor of the estate.

Conor is dating country music thrush Taylor Swift.