Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are facing fierce speculation that their baby was conceived in a test tube — rumors they insist are absolutely not true.

The National Enquirer can reveal that Katie’s family are hitting back hard by saying the actress got pregnant after a sex romp with Tom.

The superstar couple have been plagued by rumors that Tom, who has two adopted children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, sought in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF) to become a biological dad for the first time.

Tom, 43, and 26-year-old Katie announced the pregnancy after The National Enquirer announced the good news to the world in our previous issue. And in Katie’s hometown of Toledo, Ohio, those close to the actress are convinced the baby, due next spring, is a natural wonder.

Katie’s godmother and aunt Carol Zydorczyk said: “I can assure you they did it the old-fashioned way. There have been rumors, but as far as I know there is nothing wrong with his plumbing and nothing wrong with hers.

“They both have perfect health. Everyone’s delighted. All these stories about the family being unhappy with Tom and Katie expecting are untrue.”

Her parents, though they’re Catholic, seem to be fine with all of this. Tom’s welcome at their home. They’re happy the couple are going to wed, although they haven’t told the family yet when the date will be.”

Katie’s uncle, Richard Holmes, who admitted he first knew of his niece’s pregnancy when it was announced on TV, added: “I don’t believe for a second this is IVF.”

Cindy Holmes, whose husband is Katie’s first cousin, said: “I just don’t believe this is an in vitro birth. I believe the conception was natural. Her dad Martin loves his daughter. He and his wife are hoping for a healthy, happy baby.”

But a member of the family’s church Christ The King in Toledo said all is not smiles and happiness.”Katie’s dumped all of her friends from her school days. Since she met Tom they’re out of her life,” he claimed.

“I think this is the Scientology thing. Her mom Kathy is probably real unhappy over this whole thing.

“It’s so awkward for this upstanding family. The Catholic folks here are not pleased, I can tell you.

“It’s not yet got to the state where Tom is no longer welcome at the family home. But that could happen. They’re embarrassed to heck.”

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