INSIDE showbiz’s strangest feud! 

Legendary “Star Trek” actor Leonard Nimoy, beloved to sci-fi fans as Mr. Spock, has died at age 83 – putting an end to one of showbiz’s longest and strangest feuds!

The longtime television star suffered from the smoking-related lung disease COPD, with Leonard enduring a hospital stay just two weeks before his peaceful death on February 27 in his Bel-Air home.

And his passing will leave an open wound with his co-star William Shatner, 83, who played Captain Kirk in the hit ’60s sci-fi series. “Star Trek” was supposed to be William’s showcase for stardom – and tensions went wild on the set as Spock began to literally receive laundry bags full of mail.

“The electricity over there is so heavy you could charge a battery with it,” said a series insider at the time, with an anonymous guest star adding: “You soon find out that Nimoy is the star, but Shatner is the boss.”

One notorious incident involved William arriving to have his makeup done, only to find a magazine photographer documenting the application of Spock’s pointy ears.

As recalled by the late James Doohan, remembered as “Star Trek” engineer Scotty: “Bill’s hairpiece was being applied. The top of his head was a lot of skin and a few little odd tufts of hair.”

An embarrassed William finally stormed back to his dressing room, with production shut down for most of the day.

But the co-stars formed a closer friendship after the successful “Star Trek” film series, with William asking recovered alcoholic Leonard to help his own boozing wife, Nerine Kidd.

Leonard had been William’s best man at his 1997 wedding to the model, who was 28 years younger than her husband. Sadly, William’s troubled wife would be found dead in the pool of the couple’s Studio City, Calif., home in 1999, after falling and hitting her head.

The tensions still remained, though, with Leonard saying in 2010 that the longtime co-stars have “always been like two competitive siblings.” Still, William quickly took to social media to mourn Leonard, writing: “I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love.”