The ENQUIRER has learned that David Krausse – the new beau of Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” PATTI STANGER – has a VERY complicated past and a Prince Charming he’s NOT.

During his 2002 divorce, the father of two was accused of trying to shortchange his ex-wife of child support – and in 2007, he was hit with a domestic violence charge by his former fiancée!

While Patti has a long list of rules for her wealthy clients in search of their soul mates, friends say the 51-year-old is throw­ing caution to the wind when it comes to her own romance with the 43-year-old mortgage banker.

“Patti runs her business with a combination of tough love, no secrets and strict dating rules, but when it comes to her own life, all that advice goes out the window,” said an insider. “After meeting David online last year, she’s been so blinded by love that she’s doing everything she tells her clients NOT to do.”

In 2007, David was on the re­ceiving end of a domestic violence restraining order which required him to stay at least 100 yards away from former fiancee Erin Futterer and her then-11-year-old daughter.

In her application for the order, Erin said David was “not stable” and was “verbally and emotionally abusive.” She also provided e-mails in which David admitted he’d been diagnosed with “a mental condi­tion” that required him to take medication to “stabi­lize” his mood swings.

WHILE DAVID DID NOT actually strike Erin, she stated: “I have no idea what he is capable of doing and I am afraid for my daughter and me…Bottom line is: I am scared of him.”

And that wasn’t the first time David had relationship troubles. According to court documents ob­tained by The ENQUIRER, David’s ex-wife, Diane, alleged during their 2002 divorce that he “failed to care for” their two young children dur­ing overnight visits and “didn’t have them groomed and ready for school in the morning.”

What’s worse, the documents, which were filed in California’s Or­ange County Superior Court, imply that David was trying to work a lesser-paying job to circumvent a large child support payment. “[David] should not be allowed to change his employment, re­ducing his income from $7,000 per month to an alleged $2,500 to the detriment of the support  of his children,” Diane stated.

A judge eventually cleared him of the allegations, ruling that he had NOT “intentionally depressed income in order to shrink his pa­rental responsibility to support his children.”

Never-married Patti, who’s been wearing a pre-engagement “promise ring,” has admitted she doesn’t follow her own advice when it comes to mat­ters of the heart – and that may prove to be bad for business.

The source added: “If Patti wants her clients to take her seriously, she’s going to have to stop breaking her own rules and practice what she preaches.”