Regis Philbin’s Tremor Trauma!

Regis philbin getty

REGIS PHILBIN is terrified a nagging health issue will ruin his “Today” show comeback with former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford, said sources.

The beloved 83-year-old star “has a case of the shakes, and he’s worried that it’s more than just nerves,” a friend told The National ENQUIRER. “When he holds a piece of paper, you see the tremors, and it’s not from the breeze.”

On a recent “Tonight Show,” Regis couldn’t hold a pen and a piece of paper steady while joining host Jimmy Fallon in writing his regular “Thank You” notes.

Besides that, Regis couldn’t read the words on the cards he was holding.

“Being in front of a camera is second nature for Regis,” said the friend. “He doesn’t get nervous. But the sad truth is, it takes him more time to prepare for the camera these days.

“He wasn’t prepared for the ‘Tonight Show,’ but he wanted to prove he could keep up with the fast pace of its younger audience.”

Added another source: “Regis is trying everything to stay young and relevant. He’s on social media, but he has a challenge sending messages on Twitter because it’s hard for him to type on the touchscreen.

“He’s into healthy drinks and has a good diet, but the shaking has him depressed. After the ‘Tonight Show,’ Regis said he’s considering doing more arm exercises.”

Regis also hopes to break his mark in the Guinness Book of World Records as having logged the most time in front of a TV camera with 17,000-plus hours.

He’s aiming for 18,000 hours, but pals said he’s worried the tremors will prevent him from achieving his goal.

Regis has said: “Getting old ain’t for weaklings. It’s been like waging a war.”