Regis Philbin and his son Danny have reconciled – thanks to The ENQUIRER!

In our Jan. 5 issue, Danny’s wife Judy appealed to her famous father-in-law through The ENQUIRER for help, explaining that the couple has been forced to file for debt consolidation, and that they’ve been borrowing money to put food on their table.

Despite his disabilities, Danny earned top college degrees and worked in public affairs for 10 years. Recently, however, he has been unable to find work in his field near his Cathedral City, California home.

Judy explained that she had recently lost her job as a certified nurse assistant – and now the couple no longer has health insurance. She also said that Danny’s health has been deteriorating. He is a wheelchair-bound double amputee.

After seeing The ENQUIRER article, Regis promised to take care of the couple’s mounting financial problems, Judy says.

"Thank God, Regis and Danny have reconciled," said Judy Philbin.

"The story in The ENQUIRERabout our difficulties made all the difference. Regis and his wife Joy read about our desperate situation and reached out to us.

"Regis said, ‘I had no idea things were so bad until I read The ENQUIRER story.’

"’Danny knows I love him. Why didn’t he just call me?’

"All I could tell Regis is that Danny felt so angry and upset about his job situation and the difficulties in his life that he found it hard to communicate with his father. Danny felt hurt and angry, and blamed some of it on his dad.

"But now – knowing Regis loves him and stands behind him – Danny is feeling much better."