The REAL Reason They Want Chelsea Clinton To Have Another Baby!

Daughter Chelsea Clinton

HILLARY CLINTON is scheming to kiss one special baby on the campaign trail – with a carefully timed new grandchild from daughter Chelsea!

“She really needs to soften her image,” a campaign insider told The National ENQUIRER.

“Some photographs of the doting grandmother with Chelsea’s brand new baby should do the trick!”

Chelsea, 35, gave birth to her first daughter with money manager hubby Marc Mezvinsky, 37, last September.

And while Hillary thinks granddaughter Charlotte is great, she’s hoping for a grandson as an October surprise near Election Day.

“Who can argue with a bouncing baby boy and beautiful granddaughter?” said the D.C. veteran. “It’s Hillary’s secret plan to stack the voting deck any way she can!”

The strategists also know that a new baby provides an excuse for Hillary to constantly be seen with Bill right before the election.