ROSIE O got VIEW Back but now she feels betraryed by ABC and is ready walk to bolt. WHY???  

Just days after “The View” trumpeted the hiring of two new co-hosts, all hell broke loose – and Rosie O’Donnell got so upset that she might quit the show, The National ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Even before season 18 began on Sept. 15, the hot-headed comedian was ready to split – feeling she had been duped by ABC, say sources.

“Rosie was ready to walk after Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace were announced as co-hosts,” a source close to the production divulged to The ENQUIRER.

“She feels like it’s not the show she signed up for, that ABC sold her a bill of goods.”

Actress Perez, 50, and political commentator and former spokeswoman for President George W. Bush, Wallace, 42, were picked to fill the seats vacated by Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd.

But that didn’t sit well with the outspoken O’Donnell, 52, who abruptly quit “The View” once before after an on-air feud over Bush administration policies. Sources say O’Donnell began questioning why she decided to come back after a seven-year absence.

Here’s what went down in the executive suite, according to a highly placed ENQUIRER source: The drama started when network brass got to work selecting two new and highly anticipated co-hosts. Simultaneously, their attempts to buy Whoopi Goldberg, 58, out of her contract failed.

“When Perez was selected and Whoopi didn’t leave, it became clear it wouldn’t be Rosie O’Donnell’s show,” said the source.

“She feels like they shoved the new panel down her throat.”

Replacing Shepherd and McCarthy took lots of effort, as producers struggled to find qualified candidates, said the source. Several familiar faces were in the running, The ENQUIRER has learned, including Ashley Judd, Miranda Lambert, “Extra” host Lauren Sánchez, CNN’s S.E. Cupp and Ana Navarro.

However, after weeks of in-studio testing, the seats eventually went to Perez and Wallace in a move that left many onlookers surprised.

So O’Donnell is reluctantly starting season 18 – but pondering how long it will last, confide insiders.

“Rosie has since calmed down and is staying,” said the source. “But let’s just say, it’s only for now.”