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Rachel Maddow Ratings Battle: Furious She Can’t Beat WWE

Trump-bashing talking head feeling insulted!

Rachel Maddow & Vince McMahon
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Rachel Maddow is furious she’s being beaten in the ratings by WWE — and sources tell The National ENQUIRER that cable TV’s reigning queen is branding wrestling fans “idiots” who don’t know what’s happening in America!

“Rachel is livid viewers would rather watch two guys toss each other in the ring than listen to what she thinks is an informative news program,” dishes an on-set snitch. “She works so hard to deliver entertaining spin. Getting bested by WWE is an insult.”

The 44-year-old openly gay political pundit has helped her liberal network knock out the competition. Her show has bested FOX News Channel, HGTV, Disney and USA. But as The ENQUIRER recently revealed, network brass think the self-professed tomboy’s low-key looks aren’t helping boost viewer numbers.

Rachel Maddow’s Brain-Dead ENQUIRER Attack

“What Rachel doesn’t seem to realize is people want to escape her boring, bland, homely style,” snitched the source. “The execs have been after her for weeks to do something about her looks. They think she should be a little softer and try a different hair color and style, some rouge and mascara.”

Rachel hates to sit in the makeup chair and spends less than five minutes there before she goes on camera.

“And her outfits — they’re so neutral they blend into the scenery. She acts like she’s allergic to anything but gray, brown and black,” added the source.

But while she’s resisting MSNBC’s glam goals, Rachel remains desperate for her brains to beat WWE’s brawn.

“It’s put a fire under her to crush those wrestlers in the ratings,” confessed the insider.