Insiders say celebrity chef RACHAEL RAY spews four lettered obscenities constantly, putting her show in troubled waters!

 “Rachael curses like a sailor during filming breaks, and her fans are stunned when they hear what comes out of her mouth,” one insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s all smiles and keeps up the good-girl image for her TV audience, but as soon as the cameras are off, she’s dropping ‘f-bombs’ and other swear words.

“Last season I watched jaws drop in the crowd when they went to commercials.

"Rachael let go a torrent of swear words because she was having trouble with a new kitchen appliance.

“And she often cusses about the food she’s making or her kitchen props not being in the right place when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“You can actually hear people in the studio crowd gasp in shock.

"Producers finally had to sit Rachael down and ask her to rein in the profanity.”

This is nothing new for the 43-year-old cooking diva.

 “Rachael can’t help using four-letter words when she’s excited or upset,” revealed the insider.

“And while she’s stunned more than a few people in the audience, most of her fans still love her…potty mouth and all.”