Revealed: The Sex Secrets Behind Why R. Kelly Stormed Out Of Interview

Rkelly walks square

R&B singer R. Kelly fled an interview yesterday because he wants fans to forget about sordid accusations of disgusting illegal sex practices that have dogged his career since the last century — but The National ENQUIRER never forgets!

Kelly may be squeamish about dredging up his record, but The ENQUIRER isn't!

As The ENQUIRER reported, Kelly was facing multiple counts in 2008 of having sex with a minor stemming from a 15-minute videotape made in 2002 of a three-way sexual encounter in which one of his partners was suspected to be underage — possibly as young as 13.

Kelly’s defense relied on misidentification, claiming it could not be proven that the girl in the video was the specific child identified by the prosecution — nor was Kelly the man seen, according The ENQUIRER. Kelly’s defense even went so far as to claim the performer could be his own brother, Carey Kelly!

Eventually Kelly was found not guilty on all counts, The ENQUIRER reported.

Less than a year later, Kelly was under jailbait suspicion again, this time for a relationship with a girl who was found to be 17 years old — the legal age of consent in Illinois.

As The ENQUIRER reported, “Kelly has a long and troubling history with underage girls. In 1994, he reportedly married his underage protégé, Aaliya, when she was 15 years old. The union was quickly annulled when rumors began to surface in the media.”

In 1998, the singer settled a $10 million lawsuit with Tiffany Hawkins, 20, for $250,000 after she accused him of sexual abuse when he was 24 and she was just 15.

“I did not come here to get interrogated,” Kelly snapped when he walked out of his interview. Lucky for him he wasn’t up against The ENQUIRER's investigative team!