Quit Politics Now, Hillary Clinton –Ex–Aide

Tease quit politics now hillary ex aide ne short

"She won’t make it to the White House!”

That’s the belief of Bill Clinton’s former top aide Larry Nichols.

“Hillary should pull the plug immediately on her foundering campaign and focus on the few months she has to live,” Larry told The ENQUIRER.

The aide, who worked for Bill when he was Arkansas governor, claimed that Hillary most likely had medical records “faked” that were released to the public showing her in good health.

Larry told The ENQUIRER: “This is the Clintons’ modus operandi — their M.O. — they cover up!

“No doubt they fabricated her medical records to the press.

“They are concealing and manipulating the truth. It doesn’t surprise me. They are the masters of dirty tricks.

“This is how Bill and Hillary have operated for decades — it’s embedded in their DNA!”

Larry said Hillary’s dire health woes are no secret among their closest associates.

“The Clintons are desperate about getting back to the White House one more time,” he said. “But they may have to carry her there in a coffin.”