Relationship destroyer! QUEEN LATIFAH hides Fatburgers franchise deal – and her addiction to greasy beef fest — while pushing stay-trim biz Jenny Craig, according to bombshell legal docs! Not only that but Latifah – she actually wanted to open a Fatburger fran­chise!

What’s more, her near-obsession with the chain’s famous Triple Kingburger wrecked her eight-year romance with personal trainer Jea­nette Jenkins, insiders say.

“In the end, the greasy burgers cost Latifah her relationship with Jeanette,” said a friend.

“Jeanette couldn’t stand Latifah’s junk food binges. She was constantly on Latifah over her poor eating hab­its. The Triple Kingburger, an order of chili cheese fries and a milkshake pack a whopping 2,500 calories!”

As The ENQUIRER reported in July 2011, the 42-year-old “Chicago” star was so desperate to save the relationship that she turned to “Biggest Loser” guru Jillian Michaels to help her cut out junk food.

“But in the end, Latifah couldn’t change her ways,” the source said.

Latifah is now dating her choreographer Eboni Nichols, and the two were photographed strutting their stuff on a beach in Barbados on March 2.

Weeks later, the “Joyful Noise” star – who was Jenny Craig’s public face from 2008 to 2010 – had her hush-hush link to Fatburger blown in court.

During the federal trial of music impresario James Rosemond on cocaine-dealing charges, his road manager Tony Martin testified on May 29 that Latifah and Rose­mond wanted to open Fatburger franchises in Miami during her stint with Jenny Craig.

“I don’t think she wanted it to be public that she was involved with Fatburger,” said Martin.

Latifah’s friend added: “Latifah’s only crime is that she was hooked on Fatburgers.”