Someone will attempt to kill Pope Francis! Angelina Jolie will try to adopt yet another child! Miley Cyrus will clean up her act! Matt Lauer will look for a new job! There will be a cure for Ebola!

These are just some of the astonishing events you can count on taking place in 2015! The National ENQUIRER exclusively consulted three of America’s top psychics to channel their predictions for the year ahead.

Get ready – because here’s more THINGS TO COME:

✶ President Barack Obama will be offered a top position with a huge salary at a major film studio for him to step into after his term ends in 2016.

✶ Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones will find themselves agreeing to disagree for the last time.

✶ Miley Cyrus will have a spiritual awakening after an encounter with a child on a visit to an exotic land. This will be the catalyst for her to take her career to a new level.

✶ Hollywood icon Betty White, 92, will shock herself – and the world – by hooking up with a new hunk, who is an animal rights activist like herself.

✶ Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have a dramatic encounter with a stalker, which is thankfully diffused by their security team.

✶ America will be plunged into a second Arctic Winter in as many years with deadly cold ice and snowstorms crippling several cities.

✶ Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will split under the weight of parenting struggles. Meanwhile, Demi Moore will reveal her latest young stud.

✶ Actor Eddie Redmayne will sweep awards season for his role as Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.”

✶ “Interstellar” director Christopher Nolan and his creative team will sweep the technical awards at the Oscars, but Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway will be snubbed.

✶ There will be a foiled assassination attempt on Pope Francis.

✶ A shocking pedophile ring will be revealed in Hollywood, implicating huge celebrities and industry insiders … but most will avoid any serious consequences.

✶ It will be a year of change for Matt Lauer, who will consider leaving “Today” for a deal at a cable/Internet network – and seek a divorce!

✶ New facts about a moon landing conspiracy will be revealed through a deathbed confession of a person involved in a cover-up.

✶ Angelina Jolie will want to adopt a child she meets on a humanitarian trip, but Brad Pitt will say “enough is enough,” creating marital strife.

✶ Angelina will also consider running for office, but instead use her influence in the entertainment industry to support a national political campaign.

✶ Kelly Osbourne will fall deeply in love with a big star but the budding relationship will be threatened by her struggles with sobriety and continued grief over Joan Rivers’ death.

✶ Wendy Williams will add the role of producer to her resume, with a big-budget movie, backed by a powerful industry mogul who will partner with her to launch a multi-million dollar production company.

✶ J.Lo will shock the world with a surprise engagement and begin to plan an epic and unconventional wedding!

✶ Madonna will undergo a spiritual awakening that will lead to a ground-breaking new sound that will sweep the music industry and lead to record-breaking sales!

✶ Burt Reynolds’ health will rebound and he will make a comeback in the public eye.

✶ The East Coast will suffer major damage from flooding and severe weather in August.

✶ Anne Hathaway will become pregnant!

✶ Nicole Kidman will produce a film featuring husband Keith Urban’s music, which will reignite her career and do gangbusters in theaters!

✶ Mannered Martha Stewart will shock the public when she finds love twice, leaving her with a difficult choice to make!

✶ Tom Cruise will fall head over heels in love with a new gal and rush out to buy an engagement ring!

✶ The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, will meet the love of her life, an Argentinean polo player, and their affair will give her a newfound confidence.

✶ Lucy Liu will win a high award that celebrates her once-maligned acting skills.

✶ Scientists will create a cure for Ebola!

✶ Prince Albert of Monaco 
and his wife, Princess Charlene, will have more relationship issues, which may lead to an eventual split.

✶ Matthew McConaughey will be caught red-handed in a cheating scandal. His wife will forgive him and they will emerge stronger than ever.

✶ Jennifer Aniston will reveal a new baby bump in the first half of the year, but only after having a run-in with police during a particularly wild evening on the town!

✶ Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce her candidacy for president and will win the election in 2016!

✶ Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will officially call it quits and battle over child custody, causing Tori to be hospitalized with an eating disorder!

✶ Duchess Kate’s new baby will be a boy! She and Prince William will immediately begin trying for a third child.

✶ Cher will suffer more medical problems, but all works out and she’ll be back on the road performing by the summer!

✶ Several A-list celebs will be held hostage and safely released during a jewel heist at a beach venue at the Cannes Film Festival.

✶ Severe droughts will grip the American Southwest – especially Nevada and California! Water will need to be trucked into Las Vegas to keep the hotels operating.

✶ Volcanic activity will occur in the Pacific Northwest, sparking fears of a Mount St. Helens type of activity.

MEET Our Psychic Experts

Aiden Chase

Known as “Hollywood’s Healer,” Aiden is an intuitive who works with A-list celebrities, insiders and international CEOs, providing psychic healing, channeling and life guidance. He’s been featured on “Access Hollywood” and other

Sonja Grace

A mystic healer for three decades, Sonja provides clients with spiritual healing and support, and helps communicate with those who have passed over. Her latest book is “Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in  Service.”

Roxanne Usleman, Ph.D.

Celebrity psychic Roxanne has been a practicing medium for more than 20 years. She has appeared on ABC News, and has also predicted political and economic trends for CNN and National Public