The man who prosecuted Michael Jackson went to his grave satisfied that he’d proven the “Thriller” singer was a pedophile.

In his final interview, former Santa Barbara District Attorney Thomas Sneddon, who passed away Nov. 1 at age 73, insisted he didn’t resent losing the 2005 case – the only loss in a stellar 41-year career.

“If he’s Michael Johnson, Michael Smith, Michael Nobody, he’s serving 20, 25 years in prison,” Thomas said in an interview with a reporter, who disclosed it to The National ENQUIRER.

“But here’s a guy who had the world in his hands, but it wasn’t enough. The difference he could have made was monumental, but he chose a dark, ugly path.”

Despite Thomas’ best efforts, a jury acquitted the singer of 10 charges related to his molestation of a 13-year-old boy. “It’s that old adage of not ever knowing what a jury might do. It’s a roll of the dice We knew, I knew, what we were up against. The biggest celebrity, the fans, the media frenzy. But, I also knew that we had a real victim who deserved justice.”