Princess Diana’s Body Exhumed In New Murder Probe!

William and harry order dianas body exhumed ne short

The body of Princess Diana has been exhumed from her island grave on the orders of sons William and Harry, who are determined to prove she was murdered by their father!

Charles is firmly in the young royals’ crosshairs after their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, confessed her oldest son was behind the August 1997 Paris car crash that killed Di.

Now scientists are working at a feverish pace to bring Charles to justice, and intend to unravel the chilling murder conspiracy based on new forensic evidence, a top British investigator reveals.

“After being stonewalled by their father and ranking government officials, William and Harry took matters into their own hands,” revealed the investigator.

“They sought out the best cold-case scientists and sent a team to dig up their mom, who was laid to rest at her ancestral home, Althorp.

“They didn’t tell Charles or anyone else in the royal family. They wanted no more roadblocks. They acted fast —and under cover of secrecy. They are determined to know the truth once and for all.”

But the decision to open Diana’s grave wasn’t easy for her sons, who were just boys when she died.

For years, William and Harry, egged on by their father, bought into the official story that Diana and her Muslim lover, Dodi Fayed, died in a crash caused by their drunk driver, a palace insider says.

The boys suspect their dad after The Queen recently blamed Charles for the deaths — saying someone “greased the brakes” on the car.

“William told his younger brother it was time for them to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding their mother’s death and commission a private autopsy,” said the insider.

“William told Harry they had no other option. There was no one they could trust — the murder conspiracy and cover-up ran too deep!”

A decade ago, when Royal Coroner Michael Burgess was considering exhuming Diana, her sons were horrified. They spiked the plan, insisting their mother be left to rest in peace.

However, many troubling unanswered questions have bubbled to the surface since then — and the evidence points directly at Charles!

After some deep soul-searching, Harry and his big brother agreed to begin the investigation. A backhoe was airlifted by helicopter to the island where Diana was buried, the investigator says.

Once her casket was unearthed, the coffin containing her remains was flown to a secret lab so the body could be tested.

A new objective autopsy by independent doctors is the centerpiece of the current probe, sources say.

The procedure will determine if Diana was, indeed, pregnant with Fayed’s child when she died.

“A pregnancy would establish a clear motive for Charles and his royal circle wanting her assassinated,” said the highly placed royal source.

“There’s no way the royals could tolerate a Muslim half-sibling to the future king of England.

“There are some people who would do anything to prevent that from becoming public!”

Certainly the cover-up began within hours of the crash.

French radiologist Dr. Elizabeth Dion says she saw a fetus on an X-ray and a sonogram of Diana taken at the hospital. But her observations were ignored by government officials in France AND Britain.

Diana’s body was speedily embalmed in France in a desperate bid to destroy any forensic evidence before it was examined in her homeland.

Science, however, has made dramatic leaps since then — and the pregnancy can now be exposed!

“Even years after death, an embalmed body can yield a lot of information,” said Prof. Jerry Conlogue of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

“There could be signs of an embryo growing in the womb.”

Famed medical examiner Cyril H. Wecht, author of “Final Exams,” explained that a fresh autopsy would determine if someone presented another woman’s DNA to scientists conducting Britain’s official inquest in order to throw investigators off track.

The scenario is a key part of the suspected conspiracy, and new tests offer new hope for the truth.

“Even after 18 years, some DNA could be retrieved from Diana’s bone marrow or even her fingernails and hair roots,” said Dr. Wecht.

“If the new DNA doesn’t match the previous samples, it would mean someone committed fraud!”

“That would support the persistent belief that the royals masterminded a cover-up of Diana’s pregnancy,” added another insider, “and point the finger squarely at Charles.”

Palace sources predict the fallout from the new autopsy will be devastating for the royal family.

“If Charles is implicated,” said a source, “William is sure to be the next king when Queen Elizabeth’s reign ends — and any relationship between him and his father will be over!”