Princess Diana Podcast Dissects Conspiracy Theories Sparked by Mohamed Al-Fayed’s Murder Claims

Princess Diana Podcast

The death of Princess Diana shocked the world, so much so that many royal watchers took it upon themselves to investigate and started spreading conspiracy theories surrounding her fatal car accident.

In episode 10 of “Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved,” former homicide detective Colin McLaren dissects the most infamous theories in unprecedented detail, some of which were sparked by Mohamed Al-Fayed.

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The Egyptian businessman, whose son Dodi Fayed also died in the August 1997 crash, once claimed that the accident was a plot to murder the Princess of Wales and his son. Al-Fayed further accused Diana’s former father-in-law, Prince Philip, of colluding with the MI6 and the CIA.

“The conspiracy theories … came out very, very quickly,” former Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection Branch officer Ken Wharfe says on the podcast. “Notably from the lips of Mohamed Al-Fayed, that Prince Philip organized because he didn’t want a member of the royal family marrying into a Muslim family.”

Prior to the tragic crash, Diana had been staying with Fayed in St-Tropez, France, in the summer of 1997. A romance quickly sparked between the pair, one year after the royal’s divorce from Prince Charles.

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“I had this horrible, horrible sick feeling in my stomach,” Diana’s psychic friend Simone Simmons recalls of that fateful summer on the podcast’s “Tragedy or Treason?” episode. “I said [to Diana], ‘I got a really weird feeling.’ I said, ‘Something is going to happen that will be the death of you.’ I said, ‘Just be careful, please!’”

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