SOLDIER N whose shocking claims that PRINCESS DIANA was murdered has mysteriously vanished!

The ex-sniper behind the chilling rumors that Princess Diana’s death was the result of a murder plot — has fled the United Kingdom prior to speaking with officials from Scotland Yard, multiple news outlets in the U.K. are reporting.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Solider N told his wife that Diana was terminated (in the Aug. 1997 auto accident in Paris with lover Dodi Fayed) after a special forces team blinded the car’s driver with a brilliant, blinding light believed to be a laser, Henri Paul, with a searing laser.

The UK Mirror reports that the source — a one-time SAS sergeant — fled from the UK last Monday or Tuesday, and headed to the United Arab Emirates, based off information from his ex-partner.

 “No one can be sure why he has gone,” an insider told the tab, “but if he knows about the wife’s complaint, that may have tipped him over the edge. Pressure on him has been mounting since his shocking claim leaked last month.

“He was aware police wanted to interview him.”

Dodi’s father Mohamed, according to the UK Daily Star, believed the story toldby the solider, an insider said, telling the paper the Egyptian magnate was inconsolable after hearing of the man’s disappearance.

“It is disappointing to think that somebody who seems to have highly relevant information has left the country in this way,” the insider said. “The fact that he’s gone missing could be an indication that his story IS credible.”