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Prince’s Love Child — Exclusive Interview

Why experts aren't doubting the surprise heir to a $300 million fortune!

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Prince died without leaving a will — despite, as reported by The National ENQUIRER, battling both drug use and an AIDS crisis in his sad final days!

Now the battle for his $300 million fortune has a new twist as a secret love child emerges! has the exclusive interview with Heir Hunters professionals John Hilbert and Shar Mansukhani, who provide bombshell revelations about why they’re ready to believe Prince’s sudden new heir!

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“We have a standard protocol,” Hilbert told Radar. “We want a certified copy of your birth record, and we also want a detailed description of why you think you would be related to Prince.

“It added up with where Prince was and where his mother was!”

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The ENQUIRER has been covering the inside story of the battle for Prince’s estate after he died in his Paisley Park complex in Minnesota on April 21, 2016.

Prince’s longtime pal Sheila E. even offered to control the estate as Prince’s sole sibling Tyka Nelson sat down with the dead legend’s five half-siblings to work out the inheritances!

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