New fears for Royals as hard-partying PRINCE HARRY will fly Apache attack chopper on Afghan frontlines.

The playboy Prince, who’s been linked to a bevy beauties including Pippa Middleton, is skedded to return to the frontline in Afghanistan less than a year after qualifying to pilot Apache attack helicopters.

Harry recently completed a ten-month training course and is now getting combat-ready at RAF Wattisham in Suffolk.

Once training is completed Harry will be assigned to a squadron.

Harry, 26, may be sent to battle the Taliban on his next tour of duty next spring.

The prince – whose official military title is Lieutenant Wales of the Army Air Corps – was reportedly “delighted”’ at the prospect of returning to the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan as an elite Apache pilot.

“It IS a seriously daunting prospect but I can’t wait,” bonny Prince Harry said.

Meanwhile, the Queen Mother, Elizabeth, is said to be terrified, battling with Royal staffers over the grim prospect of possibly losing her beloved son in combat.