Mike Walker

Prince Harry Disappoints Harry Potter Fan

Royal heir can't compete with the boy who beat Voldemort!

prince harry potter kings cross
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Mike Walker Reports…  Acting like a normal guy, as he often so famously does, Prince Harry strolled through London’s landmark King’s Cross train station — famed in Harry Potter books as the entrance to the wizarding world — where he had a bit of a magical encounter himself!

The prince told pals that his heart went all toasty-warm when he heard a little boy yell through the crowd, “Harry! … Harry!

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Said My Ginger Spy: “Prince Charming walked over to give the tyke a wee meet-and-greet — but the child’s mortified mother apologized as her disappointed kid whined loudly, ‘I wanted to meet Harry Potter, not this old man!’

“The red-faced woman tut-tutted that they’re just tourists, and her kid simply got over-excited visiting magical King’s Cross. But Harry found it hysterically funny!”