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Prince Harry Hot For Margot Robbie

Royal passions heating up for 'Suicide Squad' star!

prince harry dating
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Prince Harry has a love life is heating up fast!

The 31-year-old royal hunk is secretly texting up a storm with “Suicide Squad” cutie Margot Robbie — and insiders say he’s head over heels for the 26-year-old Australian blonde!

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“He’s been captivated by her since they met at a party months ago,” said a royal insider, “even though she mistook him for red-haired Brit singer Ed Sheeran!”

Fortunately, Harry was able to rebound from that royal mistake!

“Harry’s ego was crushed,” added the source, “but not for long! He says she’s one of the sexiest women he’s ever met.”

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“He can’t wait to get her texts and responds immediately,” the spy dished. “She drives him crazy by taking days to write back!

“Harry’s ready to settle down, but he hasn’t found the love he craves. Margot could be The One he’s been looking for!”