Prince Albert’s Marriage is still Strained!

Prince Albert
Palace of Monaco
A new Monaco family portrait shows troubled runaway Princess Charlene has bonded with her twins again, but skirt-chasing hubby Prince Albert looks “awkward,” concludes a body language expert.
Judi James studied a new official portrait of Monaco’s royals and noted while Charlene, 44, has been separated from her seven-year-old twins, Gabriella and Jacques, for 15 of the past 18 months, she seems to have bonded with the children, especially her daughter.
“Charlene and her daughter look much more relaxed together, posed in a very loving hug,” notes James. “The daughter leans in to her mother’s lap with a look of natural affection. Their head tilts and smiles suggest close, loving bonds.”
But Albert, 64, who poses with his hand on Jacques’ shoulder, seems forced. “Albert’s tense-looking body position and facial expression suggest a desire to signal strength and to show himself as a protector of his family,” James concludes.
“While his left hand rests on his son’s shoulder, his right hand reaches behind his wife without touching her,” James notes. Albert and Charlene’s marriage has been rocky from the get-go but took a recent turn for the worse. Charlene fled Monaco for her native South Africa in January 2021, just weeks after a woman filed court papers claiming Albert fathered her 16-year-old daughter.
He currently supports two love children yet denies the recent accusation. But sources say Charlene was livid. After ten months she returned to Monaco in November, but days later, Albert shipped her off to a secret Swiss mental clinic for “physical and emotional” rest and where sources claim she had electroshock treatments.
By April 17 Charlene was back in Monaco posing for the current family photo where Albert looks uncomfortable — just as he did in photos taken last August when he and the kids visited her in South Africa. James notes the summer pictures contained “over-kill poses” of Charlene and Albert straining to show affection for each other.
“Here we have a similar grouping with Charlene sitting on the ground with her children, looking playful and tactile as Albert poses awkwardly in the background,” James says.