Skeletal super-mom star ANGELINA JOLIE is in more than a family way!  She’s pregnant with her seventh child!

In a startling development, the screen sexpot and papa Brad Pitt are getting the best New Year’s present of all – a surprise pregnancy.

Sources reveal the thrilled Oscar winner is three months along and now she can’t hide her telltale belly bump.

“Brad and Angie are ecstatic,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“They’ve been trying to conceive for most of the year. It was always their goal to have another biological baby, and they want to adopt at least one more down the line. But at 36, Angie’s biological clock has been ticking.”

The actress had to overcome a slew of health problems to make it happen – and the odds were against her.

“With all of Angie’s medical woes lately, she and Brad consider it a blessing and a miracle that she was able to conceive,” revealed the insider.

In late October, The ENQUIRER dis­closed that pals feared Angelina was addicted to diet pills after her weight plummeted to a skeletal 93 pounds.

And according to recent reports, the skinny superstar had been surviving on a dangerous 600-calorie-a-day diet that consisted mostly of green tea, almonds, cereal, candy and red wine.

Doting dad Brad, 48, and Angelina al­ready have six youngsters – adoptees Maddox, Pax and Zahara, plus biological children Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne. And they’re ex­cited about adding another child to their brood.

“Angie had a very rough first trimester and strug­gled to keep weight on,” noted a close source.

“But she’s put on weight over the holidays, stuffing herself with meats and fruits. She’s com­pletely committed to staying healthy for the sake of her family, but she needs to gain more weight to keep her baby healthy.”

Still, the beauty recently played coy when asked about a possible family expansion, telling a reporter: “Nothing planned at the moment, but we just don’t know. I could end up pregnant.”

It’s been a rocky road to happiness for the couple of nearly seven years. And more than once, they’ve butted heads over parenting issues.

The ENQUIRER recently reported that Brad and Angelina were arguing over how to raise their tomboy daughter Shiloh and struggling to get Zahara to stop suck­ing her thumb.

Their relationship became so stressed that at one point they sought outside help to fix it, as The ENQUIRER revealed.

But their love of family always brings them back together. Earlier this year Angie gushed to a reporter: “I love being a mom” – and her joy will soon be magnified. But for now she’s keeping the news close to her chest, said the insider.

“Brad and Angie are bursting at the seams with happiness, but they don’t want to make an official announcement until they’re sure she’ll carry full term.

“At her age, and with her weight issues, Angie won’t be out of the woods until she’s further along.”