Prayers for Pat Robertson After Losing Wife

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Steve Helber/AP/Shutterstock
Bereaved Pat Robertson’s friends and family are worried sick for the controversial 92-year-old televangelist after the sudden passing of his beloved wife of almost seven decades, sources say.
“Dede’s death, while not wholly unexpected, is an incredible, unthinkable blow,” dishes an insider. “The great fear now is Pat will begin to falter, or worse, die from a broken heart. She was so much to him — his business partner, his wife, the rock of his life.”
Adelia, or “Dede,” was a brainy beauty queen — with degrees from Ohio State and Yale University — when she eloped with Pat in 1954. Together, they bought a tiny TV station in Virginia and built it over the decades into the Christian Broadcasting Network juggernaut.
Dede died from undisclosed conditions at age 94. In his statement announcing her death, Pat called her “a woman of great faith, a champion of the Gospel, and a remarkable servant of Christ.” Meanwhile, The National ENQUIRER’s source adds those close to the minister were already concerned for him after he stepped down last fall after a 55-year run hosting “The 700 Club.”
“Losing Dede after retiring from the show is like a one-two punch,” spills the source. “We hope Pat pulls through!”