THE fallout from her fa­mous parents’ divorce appears to be taking a heavy toll on SURI CRUISE!

As she’s being passed back and forth between her dad TOM CRUISE and mom KATIE HOLMES, with the attention of the world seeming to be focused on their every move, experts fear that Suri may be getting traumatized.

And as our stunning photos show, even a fantasy trip to Disney World can’t keep a constant smile on the little girl’s face. Despite her father’s best efforts, observers said Suri appeared to be “sad and alone” much of the time.

“Suri was at the happiest place on earth, but at times she looked like the saddest little girl in the world,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER. “She smiled when she was on the Jungle Cruise and when she was chasing a squirrel, but she was frowning at other times.

“It was heartbreaking.”

Yet it was a vacation that most children could only dream of. Her superstar father pulled out all the stops, even arranging for them to stay in the ultra-exclu­sive Cinderella’s Castle Suite at the Orlando theme park. The room isn’t generally available for reservations at any price – unless you have connections like Tom.

Sources say the 50-year-old “Mission: Impos­sible” star spent $250,000 on two trips with Suri. On July 18, he chartered a helicopter to whisk them from Manhattan to East Hampton, N.Y., for a “beach va­cation” – at a cost of $6,200 for the round-trip ride alone. Then, on July 30, he flew the tot and  a small army of bodyguards, friends and family members by private jet to Florida for their Disney World ex­travaganza.

“It was first class all the way,” a source said of the trip. “Plus, he went on a shopping spree with Suri, seem­ing to get her whatever she wanted.” THAT included a Little Mermaid outfit.

“Tom hugged Suri and called her ‘Daddy’s little princess,’” continued the insider. “And he really treated her like one the whole trip. Nothing was too good for his little girl.”

But that won’t sit well with Katie, 33, or her pals, say sources. Katie’s friends wonder if Tom is trying to “buy Suri’s love” by giving her everything she asks for, says an in­sider.

“They don’t think Tom is playing fair – plying his daughter with pres­ents,” explained the insider.

“Meanwhile, Katie’s the one who has to show restraint and say ‘no’ when Suri asks for something she’s not willing to give her – like a puppy she recently wanted.”

One expert says the conflicting signals that Suri might be re­ceiving could scar her.

“I think Tom is playing Disney Dad and she’s too young to realize that all the gifting is not healthy for her psy­chological development,” Dr. Judy Kuriansky, a New York-based psy­chologist and author of “31 Things To Raise a Child’s Self-Esteem,” told The ENQUIRER.