Accused Playmate of the Year, ANGELA DORIAN aka VICTORIA VETRI who allegedly shot her husband used a gun director ROMAN POLANSKI gave jher.

Vetri who starred in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, is currently in police custody for allegedly shooting her husband in the back.

The accused was also close pals with Polanski and his first wife Sharon Tate.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Vetri first appeared under the name Angela Dorrian in the chiller Rosemary’s Baby for the controversial filmmaker.

In 1969, Sharon Tate fell prey to the infamous machinations of Helter Skelter killer Charles Manson.

After her shocking death, Polanski reportedly gave Dorian a hand gun for protection because he was concerned for her safety.

Sources says that the gun given to the Playmate was a Walther PPK – the one famous for being James Bond’s weapon of choice.  

Forty one years later and now investigators believe that Doriani used the very same weapon to shoot her husband after a heated argument turned violent.

If convicted, the former Playmate of the Year (1968) now known as Victoria Rathgeb, faces life imprisonment if found guilty.

She has entered a plea of not guilty.