Pierce Brosnan’s Son: Help Me I’m Homeless!

Chris Brosnan cut off - and set for the streets.

Pierce Brosnan on Right Looking Nervous with Inset of His Son Chris Brosnan on Left
Getty Images; MEGA

Pierce Brosnan’s deadbeat son is set to be kicked out of his home after running up a $6,500 debt, according to court documents!

The 007 star cut off his ex-junkie stepson, Chris Brosnan, over a decade ago in a show of tough love after a string of arrests and drug problems.

Penniless, Chris is now reduced to wandering the streets of London in rags, picking out of trash cans. As The National ENQUIRER’s exclusive photos in our June 10 issue revealed, Chris is so hard-pressed for cash, he smokes cigarette butts fished out of the gutter.

Debt collectors have also been chasing him down for skipped credit card and rent payments, court papers said.

“He has no means to pay off this money,” spilled an insider. “Six thousand dollars is a lot to someone like him, but it’s nothing to his dad — but Pierce has refused to help!”

The insider stressed: “Everyone is worried this is going to send Chris over the edge.” But when Pierce cut his son off in 2005, he said Chris “has tested everybody in this family … I had to say: ‘Go. Get busy living or get busy dying.’”

Pierce did not respond to The ENQUIRER’s request for comment.