Pierce Brosnan: On Her Majesty’s Still-Married Service


TRAGEDY has plagued PIERCE BROSNAN’s life – but the former James Bond star seems to be living happily ever after with his second wife Keely Shaye Smith.

Against all odds, the two are celebrating 20 years together!

“Pierce has had to deal with a lot in his life, but it looks like he found the rainbow at the end of the storm with Keely,” said a source.

Pierce, 61, was said to be shattered when his first wife, Cassandra Har­ris, died from ovarian cancer in 1991 – and it took him years to move on.

And Keely was the woman who did it. They met on a Mexican beach in 1994 and began dating soon after. The still-handsome Irish actor in­sists he fell in love with Keely, who was then a svelte TV journalist, the moment he saw her.

“Pierce hadn’t been interested in meeting someone new until Keely came along,” said a source. “He was blown away not only by her gor­geous looks but also by how they shared a lot of common interests, like the environment and animal rights.

“And today, even though Keely has packed on 65 pounds, he says he finds her just as attractive now as he did back then.”

But their happiness has been challenged by family problems. In 1997, tragic Cassandra’s son Christo­pher, whom Pierce had adopted, was charged with DUI and spent three months in a London jail. He subse­quently did three stints in rehab, the second one after friends found him collapsed in a drug-induced coma in a London apartment.

And in 2000, Pierce’s only child with Cassandra, Sean – now 30 – was seriously injured in a car wreck that involved driving under the in­fluence. It caused Pierce and Keely to postpone their planned wedding.

They finally tied the knot in August 2001. But more tragedy was in store for the big-screen 007. Cassandra’s daughter Charlotte, whom Pierce had also adopted, suffered from sub­stance abuse. And in 2013, she died after a three-year battle with ovarian cancer – the same disease that had killed her mom.

“Through all his grief, Pierce has re­lied on Keely for support – and she’s never let him down,” said the source.

The couple have two boys of their own – Dylan, 17, and Paris, 13 – who often keep Keely, 50, at home while Pierce travels all over the world to shoot movies. But their love bridges the divide – with the help of “constant” phone and Skype calls.

“They’re so flirtatious that you would think they were still in the dating phase of their relationship,” marveled the source. “Pierce is super-attracted to Keely’s self-confidence, sense of humor and ability to let negativity just slide off her back.

“He tells friends he doesn’t even see the extra weight because there is so much more to Keely than her size.”