Friend Claims Spacey Tried To Bed His Underage Son

Photographer Peter Lindbergh stopped Kevin in his tracks.

Peter Lindbergh Claims Kevin Spacey Tried To Bed His Underage Son
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Pervy creep Kevin Spacey has been accused of hitting on yet another teenager — the son of a top fashion photographer!

The National ENQUIRER has learned shutterbug Peter Lindbergh claimed Spacey — now being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct in Los Angeles and the U.K. — tried to seduce his then 15-year-old son, Benjamin!

In an interview shortly before Peter’s death in September, unearthed exclusively by The ENQUIRER, he said: “I know Kevin Spacey pretty well, and he was after one of my sons [who] was 15.

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“At one point, I said, ‘Kevin! F–k off! This is Benjamin, my son!’ He was … drunk.

“[Spacey] liked him. We were in Geneva or something.

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“I said, ‘Come on, Benjamin, let’s go!’”

Spacey, 60, has been accused of inappropriate behavior or unwanted groping by a London bartender, an American filmmaker, actor Richard Dreyfuss’ son and 16 former male staff members at a London theater where he was artistic director.

The former House of Cards star has denied all the accusations, and he did not respond to a request for comment.

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In July, charges of indecent assault and battery of an 18-year-old male at a Massachusetts bar were dropped. Spacey had pleaded not guilty.

Peter Lindbergh — famous for helping launch the supermodel era with his photos — also said he was surprised by the number of young men Spacey attracted.

Recalling the pair’s stay in a Milan hotel, he said: “We came back from somewhere, it was like five in the morning and there were like ten guys, ten young kids around the hotel … because Kevin was there.”