Paul McCartney’s New Nightly Visits With John Lennon

Long-lost musical partner popping into Macca's dreams!

paul mccartney john lennon dreams
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Paul McCartney is literally dreaming up a miracle: a supernatural reunion with his late Beatles bandmate John Lennon!

For decades, Sir Paul has insisted the melody to musical masterpiece “Yesterday,” recorded in 1965, was heaven-sent to him in an awe-inspiring, simply divine dream.

Now comes word the living legend’s once again been dreaming up timeless tunes — this time with his longtime chum, who was tragically assassinated in 1980.

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“Paul’s on cloud nine, elated by John’s nightly visits as he sleeps; he says the master musician’s spirit comes through for vividly realistic, happy get-togethers,” a close friend confided to The National ENQUIRER.

And best of all, the lads from Liverpool have been making beautiful music anew!

“Paul can’t wait to fall asleep! It’s like the Beatles boys are finally back together, having fun jamming ’til morning.” Encore!