Paul Anka, the former teen idol and music legend who wrote "My Way" tells his side of the story about his divorce war with wife Anna in an EXCLUSIVE ENQUIRER INTERVIEW

Paul Anka wants the public to know that he did NOT put a gun to his wife’s head.

After a recent altercation at the couple’s home, the wife of the legendary performer claimed that Anka had threatened her life with a handgun.

"It never happened," the 68-year-old singer told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. "I never pulled a gun on Anna," Paul told The ENQUIRER. "Anna called 911, faked that she was crying and said I put a gun to her head."

Anka says he has filed for divorce and he wants to do what is best for his children.

"My children are my number one concern now – I need to protect them from her," he said.

The singer intends to seek custody of their two children – their 4-year-old son Ethan and his stepdaughter, Elli, 7, a child from Anna’s previous marriage.

Paul – the 50s and 60s teen idol, whose hits include "Diana" and "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" – also has five daughters from his first marriage.

On Dec. 3, Anna Aberg, a sexy blonde fitness author who has been wed to Anka for only a year, called 911 from the couple’s Thousand Oaks, Calif., mansion during a domestic dispute.

Anna – author of The 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Book – claimed Paul had pulled a gun on her during a heated argument about a member of their household staff.

Paul says he explained to police that he had moved out of the house and was living in a nearby hotel. But that on the day of the incident, he had gone to the home to take their young children to school. Paul and Anna began to argue about an employee she had fired, he says he explained to officers.

Paul told The ENQUIRER that he also placed a call to cops.

"Anna locked herself and the nanny in the laundry room and started screaming at the top of her lungs," Paul revealed.

 "Our kids were in the kitchen, hearing Anna scream, so they started freaking out crying. Anna went ballistic, she finally comes out and shoves me and then calls 911."

When the cops arrived to the Anka home, they reported no visible injuries and no arrests were made.

This isn’t the first time the couple has had a run-in with the law. Last year, Anna, 38, was arrested for felony domestic battery after she threw a piece of ice at Paul, splitting his head open.

At the time, Paul refused to press charges and the matter was dropped.