Henpecked Hubby!

Patrick Dempsey: How His Wife Is Keeping ‘McDreamy’ On A Short Leash

Actor under orders to avoid buddies on film shoot!

patrick dempsey & jillian fink
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Patrick Dempsey has gotten strict doctor’s orders from wife Jillian Fink — stay away from Orlando Bloom and Jared Leto!

The 51-year-old “Grey’s Anatomy” stud is filming the romantic drama “Berlin, I Love You” in Germany with the notorious skirt-chasers, and Jillian is none too happy about it.

“She knows what those guys are about — chasing women,” a source spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

The couple is rebuilding their relationship after filing for divorce in 2015, then reconciling later in the year.

Patrick Dempsey & Feuding Wife Back On The Beach

“Jillian and Patrick have only just got things back on track. The last thing she wants is for him to be hanging out with those two and all the women they attract,” tattled the source. “The whole situation is really testing their marriage again.”

Patrick may be McDreamy, but he’s not McStupid. He’s keeping his distance from the boys, sources revealed.

“It’s clear who wears the pants in the family — and it’s not Patrick,” said the insider.